Sunday, September 6, 2015

What is Project Planning & Report

Project planning refers to the plans of an business entity to build up productive capacities or to extend its existing capacities or to diversify its business. The Financial accountant has to play a very valuable role in the process of project planning.
Project Report: A project report is a pre- investment & comprehensive study of investment proposals of  organization & business entity which encompasses a thorough investigation relating to financial, social, managerial economic, technical and commercial aspects. It is a working plan for implementation of project proposals after  organization has decided to undertake  investment project. Project Planning seeks to evaluate the technical viability  & socio-economic  viability of a project before it is undertaken. A project report deals with the various aspects of a new project:-
(1)    Location of the Project
(2)    Management Policies regarding Organization & Business entity and Control aspect of Project
(3)    The Technological Aspects
(4)    The size & capacity level

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