Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What is Portfolio Management

In view of peculiar nature of stock exchange operations most of the investors feel insecure in managing their investment on the stock market because it is difficult for an individual to identify companies which have growth prospects conductive for investment. This is further complicated by the volatile nature of markets, which demands constant reshuffling of portfolios to capitalize on the growth opportunities.
Even if the investor is able to identify growth oriented companies & their securities, the trading practices are complicated, making it difficult work for investor to trade in all exchanges & follow up on post trading formalities. That is why professional investment advice through portfolio management services can help the investor to make an intelligent and informed choice between alternative investments opportunities without the worry of post trading obstacles.

Portfolio Management:-
Portfolio Management refers to the selection of securities & their continuous shifting in the portfolio to optimize returns to suit the objectives of an investor. This require Financial Expertise in selecting the right mix of securities in changing market conditions to get the best out of the stock market.

Portfolio Manager:-
Portfolio Manager means any person who pursuant to a contract with client, directs, advices & undertakes on behalf of the client, the management of a portfolio of securities & the funds of the clients, as the case may be. A portfolio manager, by virtue of his knowledge, experience & background is expected to study the various avenues available for portfolio investment & direct, advice his client to enable the latter to maximize the return on his investment & the same time safeguard the funds invested.

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