Thursday, January 1, 2015

Total Quality Management

  •      TQM is defined as a set of concepts & tools for getting all employees focused on continuous improvements in the eyes of the customer. Thus  TQM focuses the attention of an organization on quality, it helps to provide the Customer with much higher quality.

  •          Prudent expenditure on cost of preventing errors can often lead to larger reduction in cost of failure &    consequently will  lead to reduce the total cost. The organization efforts for improvement so that more & more value can be added through improved quality of product at lower cost.

  •        The TQM approach the need for a customer-oriented approach to management reporting, eliminating some  more of traditional reporting practices.

  •       Many companies  adopted a term used to describe a situation where all business functions are involved in a process of continuous quality improvements.

  •     TQM seeks to increase customer satisfactions by finding the factors & points that limit current performance.
  •         The emphasis of TQM is to design & build quality in the product rather than allow defectives & then inspect & rectify them. The focus is on the causes & resons rather than the symptoms of poor quality.
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