Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Accounting Becomes Dear Rather a Fear!

Plastic money is a term which is used mainly in reference to the hard plastic cards we use in everyday life in place of actual bank notes. There are various types of plastic cards available such as cash cards, debit cards, credit cards, pre-paid cash cards and store cards.

Cash Cards  It refers to a 
card that will allow a person to withdraw money directly from bank through an Authorized Teller Machine (ATM) but it will not allow a person to purchase anything directly from it.

Credit Cards  This card permits the card holder to withdraw cash from an ATM, and it will also allow the user to purchase goods and services directly, but dissimilar to a Cash Card money is basically a 
high interest loan to the card holder but the card holder can avoid these interest charges by paying the balance off in full each month.

Debit Cards - This type of card will provide debit money from 
your bank account directly, and it can be directly used to purchase goods and services. There is no official credit facility with debit cards holder, as it is linked to the bank account and the limit available is the limit of the account.

Pre-paid Cash Cards - As the name itself tells that the user will add credit to the card themselves, and will not go beyond that amount. These are re-useable also as they can be 'topped up' however some cards are used as Gift Cards thatare not re-useable.

Store Cards - These are analogous in idea to the Credit Card model, to purchase something in store and be billed for it at the last of the month. These cards charged a very high interest rate and can are limited in usage places.
Accounting and financial topics are generally interesting and used in common life. But students find them very difficult. Generally assignments given in accounting are difficult, tricky and time consuming. Students can’t understand how to get through with these assignments. So, there is a option available to sort out all these problems that is online accounting assignment help.  

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