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The overheads categories in cost accounting, get help from experts

The following information or information is used "on producing the shop items:
A. Bin Card
B. Stores Ledger
C. Stores Requisition
D. Bill of Material

A. Bin Card
After examination of elements, the accepted elements are obtained by the owner. These elements are saved in containers, shelves, almirahs and other accessories offered for the objective. For methodical saving, each type of friend kept in different containers, shelves, almirahs, etc.
It may be mentioned that a bin is a position, i.e., a tray, a display, an admiral or an op position where products are saved. For each bin a card is managed containing the elements only and modified by the store-keeper. Bin card is ready in dup'!* One card is that come with each bin and the other continues to be with the store-keeper.

A bin card is a quantitative history of invoices, concerns, and account balances of m:'J to get. The bin card is that come with the bin or tray in which elements are sty.
It contains aspects such as variety, information of fabric, value variety of fabric, highest possible, lowest, purchase and risk levels.

Benefits of a Bin Card

Bin card has the following advantages or utilities:

(i) As the most important shop history it gives up-to-date history of invoice, rests and ending account balances of products of stores.

(ii) It is beneficial in putting requisitions for replenishment as when necessary. Re-ordering amount is also available in this card.

(iii) It makes Everlasting Stock program significant by fixing physical inventory with stability proven in the bin card.

(iv) It allows to management material price with lowest investment as the store­keeper keeps the shares within the recommended restrict.

(v) It explains at a look to any one in spending budget about the amount stability of inventory. It allows in a program of inner examine as many information with regards to shop keeping is available from bin card.

B. Stores Ledger

A stores journal is a history of elements showings invoices, concerns, and account balances I of elements in amounts and value. It is managed by the Priced at Division and is outside the management of store-keeper. This journal is managed to ensure correct 1 stores bookkeeping.

Benefits of Stores Ledger

The advantages of stores journal are given below:

(i) It is an account history which provides information about invoice, issue nod account balances both in amount and value.

(ii) It is managed centrally in price office from where combined: information may be created available.

(iii) It is really a. examine on the amount registered in bin card.

(iv) Regular overall evaluation of stores account balances may be ideally created with the help of stores journal.

C. Stores Requisition

The store-keeper is necessary not to issue any material unless he is d; certified by the qualified power. "Stores or Content Requisition is permission to a store-keeper to issue elements or other stores." This is use through the foreman of the department. 

D. bills of Material

A Expenses of Content may be described as, "a papers containing a complete list of elements and elements necessary for developing a particular product or for a particular job, procedure or work-order". It is also known as 'Specification of materials',
A. bill of fabric is a routine of elements necessary for each job, procedure or function. It gives information, of elements necessary like material requirements, think about and the quality of each product. 

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