Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Acquire Quick Cost Accounting Help

Cost Accounting is an accounting process which intends to capture an organization’s cost of manufacture by measuring the cost of every step together with fixed costs and variable costs. It records and calculates all the cost individually which additional helps in comparing the input outcomes with output in terms of genuine and expected. This aids the management of the association to measure the financial performance and work consequently. The main object of Cost Accounting is to determine cost analysis, cost control, cost ascertainment, cost distribution and cost reporting.

Cost accounting is a division of accounting and its reason is to lay down the principles and processes to ascertain the costs properly, analyze them scientifically and propose measures to control them efficiently. In any manufacturing movement understanding the nature and performance of costs is of fundamental significance. The success of a venture in a highly competitive world depends upon the ability of the organization to determine and control its costs. This is where cost accounting takes part in a very important role. Cost accounting examines the cost of each product, procedure and department. It mainly helps the management in management responsibilities. The major functions of cost accounting can be classified as cost ascertainment, cost distribution, cost analysis, cost reporting and cost control. 

Cost Accounting help from experts :

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A number of the topics enclosed under Cost Accounting are: 

1. beginning and basic concepts of costing

2. Elements of costs

  • Materials cost 
  •  Labor cost 
  •  Overhead cost 

3. Methods of costing 

  • Standard costing 
  •  Contract or Terminal costing 
  •  Single or output costing 
  • Marginal Costing 
  • Job costing 
  • Batch costing 
  • Process costing 
  •  Operation costing 
  •  Departmental costing 
  • Multiple costing 
  •  Historical costing 

4. Absorption in opposition to Variable costing

5. Cost allocation and cost absorption 

6. Cost budgets 

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